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Bike to Bike radios

If you wish to talk from bike to bike, then you will require at least one radio (walkie talkie) per bike. Each of these radios, in turn, must be used with a dedicated motorcycle headset. The cost of a bike to bike radio will vary depending on the quality and technology of the headset required. PMR446 Radios are the most popular type of radio for bike to bike communications and all our products can be used with all other manufacturers PMR446 units. PMR446 Radios can be a very useful communications tool over a short to medium distances, but you should be aware that the range will vary depending on various factors. Usually, any PMR446 Radio that transmits at the legal output power of half a watt (500mW) and is used in a line of site with another set (in other words with no obstructions between both users) shoul be able to operate upto a range of 3-5kms when used off the bike and at least 1km whilst on the bike.

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Alan £75.95


1 Midland G7

Midland G7

Alan £119.95

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1 Midland 42 Multiband CB

Midland 42 Multiband CB

Alan £89.95


1 Midland G12 Pro standard

Midland G12 Pro standard