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Battery lead weatherproof new


Battery lead weatherproof new. Fits onto battery to allow charging in-situ. 

  • OptiMate fused permanent battery lead with ring lugs that fit motorcycle / power sport battery terminals with 1/4" / M6 bolts
  • 18 guage SPT-2W cable rated down to minus 40 degrees for on vehicle charging and maintenance of batteries in below freezing conditions
  • Heavy duty OptiMate SAE connector rated at 15 Amps is compatible with all other two pin SAE connectors
  • Cap and rubber body assembly is transferable to other OptiMate SAE accessories (Eg Fitting an extender or Y splitter to the O11 ringlet cable, move the cap to the new charging point)
  • Delivered with 2x Weatherproof rubber sealing caps, RED and BLACK and ringlet insulation is PVC moulded