Fitting Goodridge stainless brake hoses

Fitting brake hoses is at the limit of most home mechanics capabilities. Don't tackle the job at home without a good understanding of what is involved.
First job is to protect the paintwork, and plastic surfaces where necessary (Petrol tank and other horizontal surfaces mainly). Brake fluid can damage a multitude of surfaces and is a very effective paint stripper!
Drain as much fluid as possible from the system by connecting a bleed pipe to the caliper bleed nipple. Finally, disconnect the hose at the caliper and drain any remaining fluid.
Seal the lower end of the hose with a small plastic bag and an elastic band, repeat at the master cylinder end.
On multiple hose systems remove each banjo bolt in turn and seal off. Remove the old hose, measure the length of (each) hose as far as the banjo fitting.
Goodridge buildaline hoses start from 225mm and are available from stock 


 Once the braided stainless hose is in place. Fill the system from the lowest point using a new , scrupulously clean 'oil can' filled from a sealed container (Usually DOT4 brake fluid but check your handbook).







As well as the self assembly all stainless fittings,
banjo union bolts are also available in stainless to replace the original
mild steel ones.
We do not recommend using anodised aluminium fittings under any circumstances.
Aluminium fittings are not able to stand up to our winters.
Stick to Stainless ....