History of Startrights 1951 to 2011

On the 6th of December 2011, we celebrated 60 years trading.
Many thanks to all our customers,friends and fellow motorcycle traders who came to our open day to help us celebrate.
Startrights is the best known motorcycle spares dealer in Leeds. Our customers describe us as a 'proper bike shop'.You really can't define that but trading as a family business for over 60 years has a lot to do with.
My Dad, Rex Wilshaw started Startrights with next to no cash but lots of enthusiasm!
Recently demobbed from the RAF,in 1951, my Dad vowed never EVER to take orders from anyone again.
Startrights began as a partnership but within a few weeks, the others had turned their backs on being self employed, leaving my Dad on his own.
A disastrous 'deal' with a dishonest money lender who signed people up for finance to buy bikes but included a 'buy back' clause was a total disaster for Startrights in 1952 to 1953.
The safeguards on finance just didn't exist then so it was my Dad who had to foot the bill, When after a year, the 'purchasers' hadn't paid a penny off their finance, it was us that had to pay!
My Dad still doesn't like talking about it but it was nearly 20 years later when he finished paying off the 'debt'.
The bikes were 'reposessed' due to non payment, few of them were in a fit state to be resold so they were dismantled for spares to try and meet the payments of the moneylenders.....
So, the trend was set and we became a dismantler of motorcycles.
Notes for me; detail needed, date of move from Chariot Street to Meadow Road, Meadow road to Water lane, Water Lane to Hunslet Road.